Our Story


I wear different hats and hold different positions depending on the hour, minute or second of the day; A proud full-time working mum of four, a wife, an entrepreneur and a YouTuber; advocating for intentional parenting.

Yes! As women, we tend to wear different hats. We love and enjoy serving our families and communities so much to the point that we may forget to take time out for ourselves sometimes and may lose the sense of who we truly are in the process of emptying out to our loved ones. Our pouring and giving is never-ending and some women may end up all empty and burnt out and not even recognise that they are in that state, because of our innate selflessness!

The narrative, however, shouldn’t always end that way. You don’t have to ‘do it all’, but if you chose to, then you should learn to create a healthy balance.


We absolutely owe it to ourselves to maintain a balanced and total wellbeing. This requires the main ingredient of extra ‘selflove’. When we are whole, we can give more and achieve more.


We recognise and value the women who sacrifice daily to raise champions and it’s their turn to be pampered and reconnected with themselves. We want to put a smile on your face! We are hopeful that this brand will serve as a continuous reminder for women to self-love, in order to achieve wholeness while extending that love to support other good causes.

Our mission is to inspire and motivate total wellbeing through beautiful active wear pieces and accessories whiles improving lives.

IMPROVING LIVES The best form of selflove is knowing that your journey is impacting others to rise from their brokenness. This is the heart of the founder; to use the brand to improve the lives of the less privileged. The brand supports and partners with selected charity organisations, with a set percentage of purchases going towards supporting orphans and towards raising awareness of child sexual abuse.


For each product purchased, 5% goes to selected charities aligned with our mission. The idea was birthed from the founder’s committed involvement in working closely with ‘Amacares’, a charity organisation that raises awareness of child sexual abuse. Witnessing first-hand the impact raising awareness makes, helping victims rebuild their confidence and lives, and equipping them for life inspired her to share this fulfilment with the customers of Selflove Online.

SUPPORT TO INSPIRE – #activeselflove

We will like you to join us in motivating and inspiring other women to actively selflove by sharing your stories through the hashtag #activeselflove. Join in the impactful and continuous cycle of supporting other women to rise to this amazing challenge.

Selflove has three foundational pillars:

BELIEVING in women